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High Tech Farm Style Security May 20, 2010

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Yeah.  That’s the key to the door.  In the lock.  On the outside.  Where we keep it.  See, we never used to lock all our doors.  At the old house the back door was locked, but the front door never was.  It did stick, so unless you knew right where to kick it, you’d assume it was locked.  At this house the front door is usually locked.  It has one of those fancy bathroom stall door locks where you slide the little bar over and drop it down.  Its only function is to keep the door from flying open on windy days.  I can’t imagine it would be hard to pick as there’s a good sized gap in the door right where the bar goes across.  But why bother?  The back door is unlocked.  Or it was. 

Buster sleeps on the back porch, usually at night, but occasionally during the day when his regularly scheduled napping spots are unavailable due to wind or rain or sun or low barometric pressure.  Unfortunately, he recently discovered how to let himself out.  I don’t really have a problem with the going out per se, it’s the wanting back in at 2am that drives me nuts.  He’ll bark and bark and BARK until I trot down to let him in.  So I started locking the door.  Until he develops opposable thumbs, it keeps him inside during the night. 

I also decided that when we’re not home, he should stay on the porch because our LP guy recently had a not-so-pleasant encounter with a couple of farm dogs that left him in the hospital for a few days, and off work for quite awhile.  And when it comes to propane, I’ll do anything to make sure we don’t run out.  He hasn’t asked us to corral Buster, but I think it’s the nice thing to do.  So, when we’re gone for awhile, I’ll lock Buster on the porch.  However, none of us are good with keys and honestly, what if someone needed something from the house?  I’d hate for a family member or perfect stranger to not be able to get in if they needed a quick bathroom break, a glass of water, or if they had an overwhelming need to do a load of my laundry.

Sure we could put it under the mat, but a.) we’re likely to forget that’s where we put it and b.) Buster is likely to pull it out from under the mat and parade around the yard with it until he accidentally swallows it.  So if you need it, you know where it is.  And please, don’t forget to throw some laundry in while  you’re robbing the place.


Traffic Jam May 6, 2010

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Today I had to stop at an intersection and wait for three (three!) cars to pass.  Well, actually it was one car, one truck pulling a load of seed, and one sprayer.  Even more amusing?  They were the only vehicles I saw moving the whole time I was in town.


Picnic April 12, 2010

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Saturday night we had a spur of the moment picnic at Harper’s, a farm located a mile or so from our house.  It’s where we did this last fall.

These picnics usually go like this:  Someone decides to have an outing within the next couple of hours.  Some frantic phoning begins where we call whoever happens to cross our minds and whoever can come shows up.

Everyone brings their own chair, drinks and food.  Sometimes we go as far as having a fire, and people bring hotdogs etc.  Usually though, it’s just whatever people happen to drive through on the way.  Oh, and everyone always seems to bring a dessert.  There were 13 of us Saturday and we had three desserts.  Actually, when Pete’s involved, no one really needs to bring anything.  He’ll have enough food, drink and chairs, napkins, garbage bags, plastic silverware, plates and whatever else crosses his mind to take care of the whole town.   

The kids play in the timber and come home muddy, damp and very very tired.

Buster usually has a blast sniffing everything in sight, although he is careful to take breaks to remind everyone how close he is to fading away for lack of food.

I thought for a minute or two about crossing this log:

But I came to my senses before I got halfway across.  Actually it was the camera holding me back.  I wouldn’t mind falling in (well, not that much) but I’d be really irritated if I ruined the camera.


Only In A Small Town. February 20, 2010

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I met a couple of friends at a bar in town for lunch on Thursday.  There are only a few places in town to eat lunch, and this particular place was packed.  There were farmers, teachers, friends and relatives and a constant stream of people in and out. 

We had a nice lunch and chatted for quite a while when suddenly my friend Melanie realized she’d missed a call.  She was trying to get to her voicemail when the bar owner called over to our table, “Hey Melanie, the school’s on the phone.  You need to go pick up Sydney.  She’s sick.”

I told Melanie I’d give her a lot more grief if I hadn’t seen the school secretary at the table next to us when we sat down.  Only in a small town would the school know to call the local bar if they couldn’t get you on your cell phone.