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She Rocks August 1, 2010

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Thing 2 was given a choice of summer camps this year.  She had decided to take a cupcake making class, but one little post card changed her mind (she’s a marketer’s dream).  She went from cupcakes to the in-no-way similar rock climbing camp.  And she had a blast. 

The camp took place in a converted grain silo with an amazing amount of space and a huge variety of climbs.  The first day of class she climbed to the top of the practice area, about 20 feet, but she wouldn’t climb very far in the silo.  By the end of the week, she was going to the top of the belayed climb, which seemed halfway to the moon.  The full silo climb is 65 feet, but I don’t think her climb was quite that high because of the belay equipment at the top.  She also did bouldering, zip lines and cave work.  Pretty amazing for the girliest 7 year old you’ll ever meet.

This place offers family climb nights, and I think we’ll be trying it out when the weather gets yucky and we can’t think of anything else to do.  I don’t kid myself by thinking I’ll climb as high as she did though.  I’ll be lucky to drag my body 2 feet off the ground.


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