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$*&#% Raccoons July 13, 2010

Filed under: Wildlife — diskam @ 6:31 pm

Those damn raccoons.  Seriously.  It’s not bad enough that they pull down the husks on the sweet corn to see if it’s ready.  ‘Cause even if they don’t eat it, I’m not interested in raccoon rejected corn that’s now been exposed to every bug in the neighborhood.

Sometimes they get partway through before thinking, “Meh.  Not that great.” Then they move on to the next ear, hoping it’s got a better raccoon approved flavor, leaving the half eaten ear to taunt me with what could have been.

Sometimes they find an ear that’s just about perfect.  And they shred the hell out of it in sheer excitement. Then they apparently put out the word to any bug not already busy with wrecking the rest of our garden.

I’m not sure what else they do, it certainly SOUNDS like they’re murdering each other right underneath our windows.  I suspect that if we set up a webcam we might end up with some really spectacular raccoon porn.  Wouldn’t that be nice?


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