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Plane Speaking July 12, 2010

Filed under: Farming — diskam @ 9:08 am

They’ve been spraying corn for the last couple of days via airplane.  The corn is too tall to use the sprayer, and this is the time to get the fungicide on.

Yesterday it was RIGHT over the house.  As in ‘He’s so low I can’t believe he missed the power lines.”  I’d heard him spraying the neighbor’s field earlier, but didn’t realize we were next on the list.  I jumped, the cat jumped, the windows rattled and things fell off shelves.  Not what you’d expect at 10:30 on a quiet Sunday morning.

Today they’re spraying again, and we’ve got trucks here emptying the bins.  Weeks go by without anyone here, but today looks like a hive of activity.  If I were a nice sister, I’d make cookies for the people working in the bins.  It’d be a little hard to get them up to the pilot.  Well actually, I suppose he could stick his hand out the window and I could slap the cookies in as he flew by.  Did I mention he’s flying REALLY low?  We’ll see what happens.


One Response to “Plane Speaking”

  1. Darin Says:

    Wow. I didn’t think they crop-dusted much around Lexington. The pilot sounds like a descendent of the Red Baron, or at least Snoopy. Watch your head. A propeller haircut can’t look good.

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