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Picnic April 12, 2010

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Saturday night we had a spur of the moment picnic at Harper’s, a farm located a mile or so from our house.  It’s where we did this last fall.

These picnics usually go like this:  Someone decides to have an outing within the next couple of hours.  Some frantic phoning begins where we call whoever happens to cross our minds and whoever can come shows up.

Everyone brings their own chair, drinks and food.  Sometimes we go as far as having a fire, and people bring hotdogs etc.  Usually though, it’s just whatever people happen to drive through on the way.  Oh, and everyone always seems to bring a dessert.  There were 13 of us Saturday and we had three desserts.  Actually, when Pete’s involved, no one really needs to bring anything.  He’ll have enough food, drink and chairs, napkins, garbage bags, plastic silverware, plates and whatever else crosses his mind to take care of the whole town.   

The kids play in the timber and come home muddy, damp and very very tired.

Buster usually has a blast sniffing everything in sight, although he is careful to take breaks to remind everyone how close he is to fading away for lack of food.

I thought for a minute or two about crossing this log:

But I came to my senses before I got halfway across.  Actually it was the camera holding me back.  I wouldn’t mind falling in (well, not that much) but I’d be really irritated if I ruined the camera.


One Response to “Picnic”

  1. Darin Says:

    What fun! I love the pictures of the kids. It looks like Buster has decided that your dad might slip him some hot dogs.

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