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The Danger of February. February 26, 2010

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Pete and I were engaged in August and immediately started planning our honeymoon.  In the midst of an Illinois summer, I thought skiing sounded like a fantastic idea.  Pete is generally agreeable to anything, so he made plans.

Our wedding rolled around in March and all I could do was wonder what the heck I’d been thinking.  We could have gone somewhere sunny.  Somewhere beachy.  Somewhere warm.  At the end of an Illinois winter the LAST thing I wanted was to go see more snow.  We went and we had a fantastic time, but every August I still find myself telling Pete that skiing sounds like fun.  And every August he falls over laughing.

I think I’ve now found the winter equivelant.  The garden catalogs are coming thick and fast and they’ve got pictures of beautiful produce and it seems like it couldn’t hurt to order just a few things.  And maybe a few more.  And it sure would be nice to have our own asparagus patch so I didn’t have to sneak into my mom’s to harvest hers.  And fresh peas sure are good.  And the kids would really like to have their own pumpkin patch.  And oh my gosh I’ve got to stop.

Last year was our first garden ever.  And it went a little something like this.  ‘Hey Pete, when you’re in town could you pick up some basil?”  18 basil plants later I remembered that it’s best to be very specific when sending Pete shopping.  He also picked up a few tomato plants for himself (the kids and I do NOT do tomatoes).  He got 47.  That’s right, forty seven tomato plants.  For himself.  We had so many tomatoes that my father-in-law was making daily trips to the food pantry to drop them off.  I think even the food pantry was irritated with us. 

We also had one row of carrots that were impossible to dig up, a row of peppers that was accidentally mowed, and several rows of sweet corn that weren’t very sweet.  We also had a fantastic crop of weeds.  I mean really fantastic.  I kept them under control for awhile and then they’d get away from me.  I’d fight them back down and two days later they’d be waist high again.  I could just imagine my dad cringing every time he drove by.  So, I need to control myself and not give in to seed catalog envy.  I want to keep the garden smallish until we’ve proven we can keep it under control both in what we produce and how we take care of it.

Some fresh green beans would sure taste good though.  And maybe a few radishes.  I saw some flowers that I know that Thing 2 would just love.


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  1. Darin Says:

    do the green beans

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