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Only In A Small Town. February 20, 2010

Filed under: small town — diskam @ 4:16 pm

I met a couple of friends at a bar in town for lunch on Thursday.  There are only a few places in town to eat lunch, and this particular place was packed.  There were farmers, teachers, friends and relatives and a constant stream of people in and out. 

We had a nice lunch and chatted for quite a while when suddenly my friend Melanie realized she’d missed a call.  She was trying to get to her voicemail when the bar owner called over to our table, “Hey Melanie, the school’s on the phone.  You need to go pick up Sydney.  She’s sick.”

I told Melanie I’d give her a lot more grief if I hadn’t seen the school secretary at the table next to us when we sat down.  Only in a small town would the school know to call the local bar if they couldn’t get you on your cell phone.


One Response to “Only In A Small Town.”

  1. Melanie Says:

    LOL….it really was a “you know you live in a small town when….” moment!! LOL

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