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Down For The Count. January 29, 2010

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We had an ice storm a week ago.  Not a severe one, and apart from a brief (well, 15 hours or so) power outage and one comic episode of flailing and falling while trying to get to the car, we didn’t have any problems. 

Except.  Except that while the power was flickering trying to decide if it was going to go out completely, I had the brilliant idea of turning the computer on.  I wanted to check to see if school for the next day was cancelled.  I was convinced it would be and wanted to know for sure before I went to bed so we could sleep in.  I’m lazy like that.  Unfortunately, our computer is more than a little touchy about having the power abruptly discontinued.  It came up just as the power went down and that was it.  Even after the power came back on, the computer continued to pout and wouldn’t even think about turning on.

In a typical small town way the day before I broke the computer , three different people mentioned how good the local computer guy was at repair.  So we called him (he already had heard we were having problems), and he came to pick the computer up.  That’s right.  He drove to our house, picked up the computer, fixed it and brought it back.  How awesome is that?  Crummy weather, country roads,  a driveway that could double for a luge run and I didn’t have to set a dainty foot outside.  Of course, me carrying the computer while trying to navigate the ice would have been entertainment for the whole family.

So now I’m back in business and I’ll get the rest of Grandma’s entries up soon.


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