Farmhouse Fling

Can you go home again?

Last December. December 8, 2009

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We learned a lot last winter.  Things like:  There is no LP fairy that comes to refill the tank when it runs low.  It’s really a guy named Tom, and it’s a good idea to call him before the tank runs dry.  Otherwise, you’ll feel pretty stupid for complaining about how the pilot light in the boiler doesn’t work right.  Again.

We also learned that just because we had two houses twenty miles apart, there was no guarantee we’d have power at either.  Two days after we got an offer on the old house, there was a huge ice storm.  At the old house a large branch fell across the power lines, ripping them and quite a bit of siding off the house.  At this house, the power was on and off for days as crews worked to repair miles of lines.

Another fun fact: No power equals no heat and no oven.  I was under the very mistaken impression that if you have a gas boiler and a gas stove that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have power, you’ll still have heat and the ability to cook.  I now have a greater understanding of the phrase “electronic ignition”.

We learned that if you only have a cell phone for communication, and it only works because you have a booster thingy hooked up to the computer, it’s not going to work when the power is out.  And that makes it especially difficult to call the power company to ask them to pretty please come fix the lines.

I also learned that no power equals no water.  It turns out our well has an electric pump, which means not just no hot water, but no water period.  As in “Whatever you do, don’t flush!!”

Still, it was pretty:

Every blade of grass was covered with ice.

As was every branch of every tree.

On a small scale it was very pretty.

But that much ice can cause a lot of damage.

Everything had a coat of ice.  Everything.

I had lots of fun with the camera, but I was oh-so-happy when all the ice was gone, and the roads were mostly clear.  It turns out that cabin fever sets in a whole lot faster than you expect when there’s no power, no heat, no water, no phone, no tv, no computer,  and the biggest back-to-the-little-house-on-the-prairie horror, no internet.


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