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Can you go home again?

It seemed like a good idea. November 30, 2009

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When the window air conditioner came out of the computer room, and before the storm windows went in for the winter, I had a fabulous idea.  I’d keep a sack of dog treats just inside the window, and when I saw Buster wandering around in the yard, I’d call him over and give him a little treat.  He’d hang out by the window while I was working on the computer, and we’d keep each other company.

Unfortunately, he’s far smarter than I gave him credit for.  He now checks the window several times a day to see if I’m sitting at the computer.  He barks at the cat sitting inside where it’s warm.  He barks at me to give him a treat or let him on to the porch or because it’s Tuesday and he just feels like barking.  A lot.

I realized yesterday that ALL of our downstairs windows have nose smears.  Apparently he’s been going window to window checking to see what those pesky cats are doing.

I wonder how long it’s going to take to untrain him.  Or me.  Or both of us.


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