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Can you go home again?

Oh. My. August 28, 2008

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What’s holding up your kitchen floor?  Steel beams?  A slab?  The kitchen ceiling of the apartment downstairs?  Plain old 2x4s?  How lucky you are.  When we first started talking about moving to this house, my younger brother mentioned the logs in the basement.  I assumed he was confused, and completely blew him off.

Then my older brother mentioned that the teenager that worked for him this summer called the basement ‘A horror movie waiting to happen.’  I really hoped he was confused, but I was starting to get nervous.

The basement is scary.  I knew that.  When I was little, my older brother told me NOT to go down there.  Since he had never shown any particular concern for my health before, and in fact was known to torture me when any opportunity presented itself, I decided to take him seriously.  So, I never went downstairs while my grandparents lived here.  However, I finally braved the truly frightening basement stairs today to look at the underside of our kitchen floor.  It’s a little difficult to believe:


That’s one of the, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, 170 year old logs holding up my kitchen floor.  And yes, that’s the 170 year old bark still on it.

I started doing the math today.  The old part of this house was built sometime between 1829 and 1835.  The oldest building in the county is a log cabin built in 1829, and it was originally located just a mile or so from this house.  I knew that part of this house was from the same time frame, I just somehow always managed to skip over the ‘log cabin’ part. 

For reference, Laura Ingells Wilder of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ was born in 1867.  That’s 30+ years AFTER this house was built.

Oh. My.

Ignore the cobwebs, they’re not the scary part.


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