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First Day of School August 20, 2008

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School has started.  The house seemed absolutely empty this afternoon.  And quiet.  I was completely confused by the quiet.  Thing Two generally starts narrating when she wakes up in the morning, “Now Mommy’s fixing my cereal.  Mommy!  Do you remember when you were fixing my cereal?  Now Mommy’s putting my cereal on the table.  Mommy!  Do you remember getting my cereal for me, and then putting it on the table?”  I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in some sort of documentary.

We went to a school open house on Monday.  I was absolutely astounding by the number of people I knew.  Why this should suprise me, I don’t know.  It’s not like I moved 4000 miles away and then found out that more than 1/4 of Thing One’s class are children of people I went to school with. 

Thing One started yesterday.  He was a little worried about the new school, but he seems to be settling in fine.  I’ve been a little stressed about being at the end of the lane in time to meet the bus.  Poor kid ends up running because I’m afraid I hear it coming down the road.  Then it ends up being a bicycle or something else that really shouldn’t be confused with a bus.

Thing Two started today.  I can’t believe she’s in Kindergarten.  It actually feels like she should be in junior high.  I asked her if she was scared about starting school.  She thought for a minute and said, “More apprehensive than scared Mommy.”  Jeesh.  I think apprehensive was a college vocab word for me.

I don’t think she’ll ever look back.


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