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Appliance Hell July 27, 2008

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Our new appliances were to be delivered last Tuesday.  It was also the day that my cousin started work on the porch, the Culligan man was coming with the water softener, my inlaws were coming to check out the house, Thing 2 had a second reading class, someone was coming to the old house to look at repairs, and at least a half dozen other things that I can no longer remember because my brain is fried.

Darryl and Darryl Delivery brought the stove in, then said they couldn’t hook it up.  This wasn’t entirely unexpected, and my husband assured me he could handle putting it in later.  Darryl said he’d LOVE to put in the microwave, but it needed an outlet put in first.  Then the fridge.  Oh god, the fridge.  It was in a billion pieces on the lawn, the storm door was in a billion and two pieces on the lawn and then, THEN, Darryl and Darryl decided to measure the fridge and then the door.  Apparently one can NOT get a 32 inch fridge through a 31 inch door no matter how much you ask it to hold its stomach in.

So, the fridge went back from whence it came, and no one has had time to go look for a new one.  We have a little tiny dorm fridge and, as of today, our deep freeze.  My brother installed the stove yesterday and tried to install the microwave, but decided it won’t fit.  Today we decided to take out the cupboards over the stove, and put the microwave there.  In the meantime, we have my grandfather’s old microwave (that did NOT come from this house), which is large enough to cook an entire pig, apple and all. 


Speaking of fridges, one of my all time favorite books refound in the move:


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